Ring Re-sizing

In all of our stores we do ring resizing and our well trained staff will advise you on the best option for your ring. There are many options when sizing a ring, you can stretch it up or down or the traditional cutting of the band and adding a piece of metal. Another option is to add ball shots or a spring on the inside of the band this helps in preventing the head of the ring spinning round if the ring can’t be made any smaller.

It's important that the ring you wear fits your finger perfectly.
When your ring is too big, you risk losing your favourite piece of jewellery which often has sentimental value, especially if it's a family heirloom or a present from a partner. It's equally important that a jewellery ring that is too small be resized as well because it will feel tight and uncomfortable to wear.

In most cases, a ring resizing for platinum, silver, white gold, and gold rings is possible. Whether it's modern designer jewellery or an antique ring, the team will try their best to offer assistance. Turnaround times for ring resizing all depend on the design of the ring and amount/type of resizing but in most cases a fast turnaround time is possible.

No ring alterations are undertaken without your prior permission and should you alter your decision before work has started, your ring is returned free of charge. A free estimate for ring resizing is available in any of our stores.