Valuations for Jewellery & Watch Insurance

Valuations are needed for all sorts of reasons. They can provide proof of ownership. A record not only of what you have but a detailed description on the item (stone sizes, quality, what it is made of and how it was made). All of these assessed in an insurance claim and help the police in identifying stolen items.

Gold Arts is one of a select few of jewellers that can provide an in-house valuer, producing valuations accredited by the Institute of Registered Valuers (IRV) as a member of the Institute. As a registered valuer with the National Association of Jewellers you have the peace of mind that the valuation is of the up most standard. Every registered valuer is monitored throughout their career to insure the highest standard.

Most valuations are for insurance replacement but other forms of valuations including probate, family division, sale between parties and open market valuations can be supplied. For an explanation and advice on which valuation that you require please contact us. 01273 203178 or 


A valuation will include:

·         Cleaning of the items (T&C apply)

·         Detailed descriptions

·         Details of assessment of Diamond colour & clarity

·         Hallmark information

·         Condition statement

·         Provence of research, if appropriate

·         Explanatory notes on terms and abbreviations

·         An insurer notice to pass to your insurance company

·         Registration to the central e-registered database with free access via

         My Portfolio

·         Digital images

·         Values with the appropriate type of insurance qualification



Each Guild valuation is registered to the central e-register database, providing you with extra security and peace of mind. None of your personal details are ever registered on the database to ensure maximum protection for you and your possessions.

When you come into your local store to start the process of having a valuation done on your items we would request that you bring any of the following to assist in the process.

       ·         Your articles

·         Any receipts

·         Any previous valuations

·         Any certificates or third party papers relating to the articles

·         The deceased’s name and date of passing, if needed for probate

·         Please note that withholding any pertinent information will potentially void our work, require recalculations and require additional fees.



While you are with us in our store we will make an initial observation of the articles based on this information and your requirements and take you through the IRV’s standard valuation checklist. Finally we will notify you as soon as the valuation is completed and ready to collect from your local store..

For free and friendly advice please contact us at 01273 203178 ( or come into your local Gold Arts store.